Landlord Information
Meeting your property needs

  1. We are often seeking to procure properties in a number of areas to support our existing contracts and new business projects. We would welcome a discussion with you if you have property you might like us to manage. We aim to get back to you immediately to advise you if your property is in one of the areas where we are currently procuring. If it is, we will discuss rental rates and terms and conditions with you with the aim of meeting your needs.
  2. Our agreements with landlords have been developed and honed over many years and we aim to provide you with a problem free service that gives you the secure knowledge and assurance that your property is in good and safe hands.
  3. Our staff teams work hard to develop local links and work collaboratively with the agencies that support this approach. Through a robust programme of individually designed support packages combined with effective housing management, we currently enjoy an excellent level of success with both our clients and our tenants.
  4. The level of service we offer has proved to be effective in successfully sustaining independence for our service users and will be developed further towards providing accessible housing options and choices. The support service is available to those moving on from our short term accommodation or to those moving directly into an assured short hold tenancy.
  5. For our customers and stakeholders we operate an efficient call centre designed to ensure you get an appropriate and helpful response in the quickest time possible.