About Us
Our Services and Making a Difference

  1. Types of Accommodation

    The provision of accommodation is central to our main services. We believe in working closely with our customers and clients to determine the level of support that may be required by the service users that will live in the property, either long term, or during a short term stay with us.

    Accommodation should feel like a home, no matter how short or how long the stay. For those in short stay accommodation, who require additional housing services, we provide a move-on service and give help or direct input into providing a long term housing solution.

    We assist our service users to settle into their homes, provide information and advice and, if required, a drop-in or outreach support service depending upon need.

  2. Service User support and making a difference
    • Our excellent results record has been achieved through appropriately planned, focussed and targeted support that enables us to meet agreed identified goals.
    • We work hard to ensure that our clients are in the right place at the right time, with the right support to ensure that they have the very best opportunity to achieve successful and sustainable independent living.
    • We believe that no one agency or sector, working in isolation, can make the required difference to improving the quality of life for our service users and the communities in which we live, and that active and collaborative working is the best way to build genuine and lasting strategic partnerships to provide most effective way of generating solutions for our clients and service users, and the most effective way to improve the quality of services they receive.
    • Our experience has shown that the right combination of good quality accommodation, individual needs based support and robust property management work together to provide an unbeatable solution.
    • We believe it is in everyone's interest to give the right level of help those who need it. In some cases that may simply be to provide a safe and affordable home, but in other cases that help may be the essential ingredient that allows people get their lives back on track or to even rebuild their lives in a new environment. Help may be delivered through direct hands-on support or by making the first contacts or directing our service users to appropriate specialist services.
    • Our support services are geared towards providing people with the opportunities that come with having a secure home base. Our excellent staff support teams operate with the goal of helping people to get ready for independent living and give them the knowledge and ability to take advantage of the resettlement and reintegration opportunities offered to them.
    • As a company, we are very proud of the 1000s of good news stories where a very real difference has been made to individual lives. We know that we can still improve the way we deliver our services and it is our desired goal to strive for continuous improvement.