About Us
Staff and Employment Opportunities

The types of job that are available at HHUK are:

  • Support Officers - responsible for delivering direct support to service users and working to individualised needs assessments.
  • Local Managers - responsible for delivering property management and direct support in the regions.
  • Area Managers - responsible for contract management in the UK regions with a focus on managing stakeholders and customers.
  • Regional Managers - responsible for contract management in UK regions with a focus on managing stakeholders and customers.
  • Call Centre Operators - responsible for managing the gateway to our services and ensuring referrals are dealt with effectively.
  • Property Procurement - responsible for finding property in service delivery areas.
  • Finance - responsible for ensuring our financial systems operate efficiently.
  • Administrative Support - responsible for supporting all our functions.
  • Compliance and quality assurance - responsible for supporting us all towards compliance with quality standards and key performance objectives..

HHUK is currently examining the potential for providing work experience and training placements with potential for NVQ awards. This is part of our programme towards giving our service users the best start and providing new opportunities to that aim to be part of an overall goal - making a difference.

HHUK is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to investing in our people on the basis of their abilities, knowledge and experience. We operate a strict policy regarding discrimination of any kind and ensure that all employees, associates and clients are treated fairly and with respect.