Housing People
Working with local authorities and support agencies

  1. We recognise the restrictions upon local authorities in providing housing solutions to all of those in need. In response to the problems faced by local authority homelessness services and their associated costs, we believe that the private sector has both a role and a responsibility to work in partnership in order to help overcome those problems. We see that role and responsibility as being willing to provide practical and innovative solutions to those in housing need.
  2. We will work to provide housing and support to those groups deemed by the local authority to be vulnerable under the Housing Act, and we will work to offer housing solutions to those who do not have a “priority need” under the legislative duties but are nevertheless roofless.
  3. We recognise that often hostel accommodation for families and vulnerable singles is not always the best solution and that without adequate support services people may enter a cycle of homelessness.
  4. We will work closely with local authorities and voluntary sector groups to assist in providing direct access to self contained housing, offering a variety of either short term emergency accommodation, or a full re-housing service by providing service users from all backgrounds with an assured short-hold tenancy.
  5. We are able to provide immediate access to accommodation for Housing Benefit clients and we are willing to enter into any partnership arrangements that will get people into housing.
  6. We believe that while in many areas, houses, flats and apartments stand empty, that there should be no need for people to be without a roof over their heads and that we have a responsibility to work together to make sure that people are not living on the streets or in unsuitable hostel or bed and breakfast accommodation. We firmly believe in giving people the chance and the opportunity to live independently.